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Dosage Instructions

I try to let all of my clients and friends know that everyone has a different dosage level.

As a new user of CBD it is important to get the right dosage. I would suggest that clients start at the lowest dose that I offer, which is the 500mg and to start by taking one dropper full in the morning and one at night. 

If the client doesn’t notice a difference in the first two weeks then I suggest that they double the dosage in the morning and evening. If they still don’t notice a difference then I urge them to keep upping the dosage until they start feeling the effects, which include a feeling of well being and less aches and pains. These products will not get you high. They will not cause any feelings of euphoria, just a sense of lowered anxiety, less pain and less depression if that is why the client is taking it. 

I personally take the 3000mg peppermint flavor, once in the morning and once in the evening and if I feel a panic attack coming on, I will eat one of the 25mg gummies.

For my pets I started the same way. I started all of them on the 250mg tincture twice a day. For my oldest doggie, I needed to up the dose. She now takes the 1000mg tincture twice, if not three times a day. It has helped her have a more productive life and she has been able to get off of the pain medication that I was having to give her at the time. Every time I gave her the pain medication she would bite her tongue and start bleeding and it didn’t seem to do anything except make her sleep. She is so much happier now and I’m hoping to have her around for as long as the pain stays abated.

The key to success with all of these products is consistency. It usually takes about two weeks to get your ECS system working properly to create homeostasis in the body, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen immediately. I was lucky and I felt the effects immediately but everybody reacts differently as our bodies don’t process things the same way. 

I hope that this information helps you to find and stick with the right dosage for your body. As with all things that you put into your body, please ask your doctor first.

With warm regards,