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CBD Salve – Eucalyptus

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$14.00$30.00 available on subscription

250mg – 500mg

Breathe easy with the sweet minty aroma of our Eucalyptus CBD salve for cooling comfort.

Katt’s Remedies’ full spectrum CBD salves are silky smooth without leaving an oily residue to bring relief almost instantaneously. Apply the salve directly to your skin to help ease aches and pains caused by injury, arthritis, and exercise, or to reduce inflammation. The Eucalyptus formula in our CBD salves also help with nerve pain, I have personally have had great results with this product with my nerve pain issues. The essential oils in our salves arouse the senses and mind to induce delightful relief.

Usage: Massage a dime-sized amount directly to the skin, and increase or decrease based on need.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) extract arnica, Calendula, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut, terpenes

Available Sizes: 2oz4oz

Available Scents: EucalyptusPureLimonene


2 reviews for CBD Salve – Eucalyptus

  1. Jasmin Queen (verified owner)

    If you have never tried this salve, you are truly missing out. It helps ease sore spots. My husband was a skeptic until I used some on his shoulder. He woke up the next day with barely any pain. I will always keep a container of this in my house.

  2. Kathryn

    I believe that this product along with the gummies are my favorites. I continue to experience problems in my lower back and hip areas as I continue to age. In addition to weekly chiropractic visits; daily exercises; and periodic massage, I apply the salve twice daily along with an ice pack. It reduces the inflammation which causes pain within 30 minutes of use. The gummies are more immediate, and I can use them any time. Thank you Katt’s Remedies for introducing me to these products.

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