Kathryn C.

It has been close to a year now that I have been using the CBD products from Katt’s Remedies.  I am a 67-year-old with the usual aches and pains that go with the maturing process and sitting at a desk for 40+ years.  Using the salve, lotion and gummies for the daily pain that accompanies arthritis in one of my hands, and lower back and hip has helped to reduce inflammation which in turn causes the pain that I experience.  Using these products on a consistent basis along with chiropractic care, has allowed me to continue working in an extremely stressful and fast paced business world.   I have several friends that use the tincture for relief from the arthritis pain they experience – with great success.  The key to a successful CBD experience as well as those around me is to use the CBD product on a consistent basis – thus allowing the cumulative relief from a cumulative pain experience.  I highly recommend this product and Katt’s Remedies.