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The Trent Family

Katt’s Remedies has guided my family to get great relief from her products. I reached out to Kassandra at Katt’s Remedies because I was experiencing very bad pain and having digestion issues which turned out to be a very large mass in my uterus. During the period before I could have this mass removed these products helped ease the pain and other symptoms I was experiencing.  After having much relief, I introduced these products to my family. My daughter and I both suffer from pretty severe anxiety and take our gummies daily to help ease those symptoms or an extra one when a panic attack sets in which they are becoming fewer and fewer. My son was involved in a car accident and hurt his knee badly and still suffers pain from time to time he utilizes the salves and he likes his occasional gummy also. The products that Kassandra has shared with us and guided us to take have helped tremendously. And don’t forget to pamper yourself after a long hard day with one of the bath bombs she has to offer they melt the stress away.