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Massaging salve on neck for neck, shoulder, or headache pain

What CBD oil is good for inflammation?

I have found that the best CBD tincture for inflammation is our 1000mg CBD tincture. That is a good starting point for adjusting your dosage to help with CBD inflammation relief.
How to use CBD oil for pain and inflammation really varies as to how much your dosage is. I usually use the 1000mg CBD peppermint tincture myself between two and three times a day and use the CBD lotion on targeted areas of inflammation, if the inflammation is on the outside of the body.
I use the CBD salves for inflammation also on the outside on the body, such as for back and neck pain or a sprain. It can also be used for headaches by rubbing the CBD salves on the nape of the neck, temple area, forehead and jawline.
For internal inflammation such as problems with joint stiffness and other muscular / skeletal issues or inflammation of internal organs I’ve found that using the 1000mg-3000mg CBD oil to help relieve symptoms has helped me and several of my clients.
As always, please talk to your physician before taking any of these CBD products.