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Which CBD Oil Is Best For My Dog?

I have tried many different CBD pet tinctures and treats and have found that the brand that I carry is the only one that has worked for my dogs. not to say that there are not any other brands that work but these are the only ones that worked for mine. Not only do we carry three different CBD dog tincture strengths but we also carry CBD for Kitty Cats.

I have three dogs, ages 2 years, 10 years and almost 16 years old and the different CBD dosages are a lifesaver.

Our CBD oil for dogs has helped with our youngest dog for separation anxiety. He takes the CBD 250mg dog tincture twice a day, straight from the dropper ( as you can see from the dog post with the video ). My 10 year old little dog is starting to suffer from arthritis and I give him one dropper full of 500mg CBD dog tincture twice a day as well. I give him his CBD pet tincture on his paw and he licks it off. It is a lot easier than putting the dropper into his little mouth. It can also be put directly into their food.

My oldest doggie is the dog that I first started on the CBD pet tincture as she has arthritis, sight issues and was having issues with incontinence. I started her on the 250mg CBD dog tincture about a year and a half ago and it has been a miracle for her. I truly thought that I was going to lose her because of the amount of pain that she was in. The Veterinarian put her on a liquid compound of Tramadol and it did not help her in the least. It actually made her bite her tongue repeatedly and all that she did was sleep. The incontinence issues started while she was taking this painkiller. From the first time that I gave her the CBD dog tincture, I could see results. I started her on the 250mg CBD dog tincture four times a day and she became more active, her incontinence issues went away ( I am assuming because the painkiller made her thirsty ) and the film over her eyes started clearing up. It is going on almost 2 years later and I have had to up her dosage to the 1000mg CBD pet tincture four times a day ( i just slip the dropper into the opening between the teeth on the side of her mouth and release, then I put a little on her paws as well, for her to lick off ) and I still have the love of my life and she is still more active than she was before I tried it.

I thank goodness that I found these products and was willing to give them a chance and hope that if you have any animals with similar issues, that you will give them a try as well.