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Which CBD products work best for culinary usage and in beverages?

I have found several revolutionary new products that use the TiME™ (Thermodynamic individual Molecular Encapsulation) This patent pending TiME™ infusion method transforms CBD into its most pure, precise and delicious form. This revolutionary method transforms each individual CBD molecule into a tiny, 15 angstrom sized particle that is processed by your bodies endocannabinoid system almost immediately. SO these products take effect in as fast as 2-3 minutes, where traditional edibles can take up to four hours. This is even smaller than nanotechnology that some other companies offer. Customers no longer have to play the guessing game when it comes to suggested amounts and they are able to take control of their CBD experience.

These new CBD products include 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Infused Sugar Sticks that are wonderful in hot beverages such as your morning coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate. The larger containers of the full spectrum sugar can be used for most of your baking needs just substitute however many mgs you would like in your cakes, cookies or candies. All of the sugar products are CBD hemp infused turbinado sugar.

We are also offering Full Spectrum CBD Infused Simple Syrup for use in either cold cocktails or mocktails or you can put it in your favorite juice or cold beverages like ice tea.

Then last but not least we are now offering 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate Coins. These are so delicious that they can either be eaten alone or put on top of tasty bakery goods such as cupcakes.

All of these products work very quickly and don’t leave an aftertaste. They usually work within 2-3 minutes and they all have helped me with chronic pain relief, anxiety, help with inflammation, depression, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, memory issues and especially stress relief.